6 Healthy Foods We Love To Hate

This article is going to tell you about foods that are actually very nutritious, but often people do not like to eat them, thus missing out on experiencing awesome flavors by nature and not getting a rich and nutritious diet.

  1. Beets

Beets look like cranberry jelly.  However, they taste sweet. They make a healthy and cheap snack. They are rich in carbohydrates and minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron. It also contains amino acid niacin. It also provides Vitamins A and C to the user. Studies have shown that beets reduce the risk of colon cancer. You can use beets with a variety of recipes. Roasted beet with bacon is a southern favorite.

  1. Liver

The liver was considered as a delicacy from the hunt in prehistoric times. It is a rich source of protein, and vitamin A. People who are iron deficient are recommended to include this organ in their diet. Thus it is also considered to fight against fatigue and anemia.

It is not a big deal to prepare lever. You can eat a thin slice of the beef liver by frying it with barbecue sauce and onions. You can grill the liver directly too.

  1. Spinach

Spinach is a great source of vitamin A, C, and fiber. It is also rich in folic acid and also provides the body magnesium and other nutrients. It helps to fight against cancer, especially lung cancer, breast cancer and heart diseases. It also helps prevent age-related memory loss.

Spinach can be used in a variety of ways and can be eaten with breakfast, lunch or supper. You can either add it to an omelet or eat it with steak.

  1. Avocado

Avocados are a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamin K, C, and B6. It also provides body minerals like potassium, copper, folic acid and oleic acid. A medium sized avocado can have 27 grams of fat. It contains monosaturated fats that help to lower the cholesterol levels. You can eat avocado by adding a slice of avocado to a turkey sandwich. Or you can use it with beans and rice. Proteins in avocado will help to satiate your hunger for a longer period.

  1. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is one of the things which is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates. The proteins that it contains is slowly digested which reduces the hunger for a longer period of time. It is high in calcium and maintains your blood pressure.

You can eat cottage cheese with fruit slices. You can also add salt and hot sauce to it.

  1. Eggplant

Eggplant is not favorite of many people. But many different people and many different cultures make eggplant a very versatile veggie. It contains fiber, folate, niacin and it is also a rich source of anti- oxidant called phytonutrients which help prevent damage to cell membranes. For vegetarians, it is a great substitute for meat. It can be grilled like a burger or can be toasted in a pan.

It is highly recommended that you eat the healthy foods mentioned above to gain a high variety of health benefits. You can also eat these to improve your health.